SC – Wingman Hangar – 059

Studio Report : Damage States.

Forum Feedback :

> In regards to damege states ; when the ships are returned to a hangar damaged , will the damaged state carry over ?
R : In PU , your damage states will stay.

> Are there plans to add a spectator mode with multiple viewpoints allowed (Free floating , In-Ship, 3rd person of ship ) to the DFM, at some point in the future ?
R : In some point in the future , Yes.

> If you are tracking someone that is wanted “Dead or Alive” and , when you catch up to them, they force you to drag back a corpse rather than a prisoner , what happens to their ship ? Since you legally killed them , do you get to keep their vessel as part of the spils or do they retain ownership ?
R: No , you don’t keep the the ship , will be piracy.

> With the indication that the IDRIS has grown , should its class be modified from corvette to that of frigate ?
R: No , will be a “larger” Corvette.

> The character animations are cool but they’re a bit on the slow side. If I’ve to run from the gunner seat to put out a fire down the hall, I don’t want my avatar taking his sweet time about it ! Will there be faster animations in emergency situations ?
R : The animations will be change along the way , they don’t be sure if will be faster animations , but they will work something to deal with it.

> Will there be A.I voices in ships ? and if so will we be able to customize the voice and “personality” ?
R: Yes , there will be custom voices like GPS systems.

> Will there be investigation missions in SC, such as investigating a crime or deciphering alien hieroglyphics to unlock an ancient vault , etc ?
R: Probably wouldn’t be a mission with that level of detail at launch.

> How is time handled in the ‘verse ?
R: There will be compressed time  in game , but will be necessary tests.



“All the buttons on the Cutlass labeled , for easy reference”

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