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As the Stars Fall – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

You wanna get deep on this shit?All them catholics gonna say, everything we do depends on free choiceBut at the same time they say we need the grace of God to do what’s rightI thought of that, JeanieIf I do something wrong, it’s because God dodn’t give me the grace to do what’s rightIf this world stinks, it’s his faultI am only working with what I’ve been givenThat way the people they find with bullet holes in their skulls, they’re God’s fault?Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?Ashamed of nothin’, I didn’t make the worldBut you’re not doing anything to make it betterYeah, and I’ll roast in hell


shearwater – A Wake for the Minotaur

A glorious light
A ladder along the clouds
A spy in the sun
A shout in the street below
Climb down a white road
Into the dark mouth

Papered in dusk
A river below the lake
I ride in the flood
A dog with the chain removed
‘Til the morning rides
‘Til my memory lies clear
There’s a tear in the darkness
A hole in the light
And I know where you are

I ride in the blood
I ride on the warming rails
Through canyons of sunlight
And wires across the road
Could I have loved you enough
If I fell in the right way

A tear in the darkness
A hole in the light
I’ll breathe in the silence
I’ll laugh ‘til I die