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The Rover – Return of the Witch

Lyrics / Letras

You walk in shadow
Crawl in the dark
Laugh in the night

You met the devil
Talked with the dead
Spreaded your curse

Burn her now !

You brew your potions
Flyed in your broom
On the full moon

You damned the forest
Clouded the sky
Weakned our hearts

Kill her now !

Look at me
How can you prove me wrong ?
What i did
Never meant you harm
Watch your acts
What is destroyed can return
I can come back

Don’t try to deceive us
With treacherous words
And vicious talk

Your days of witchcraft
Are going to end
By our own hand

Burn her now !

Mark my words
What i say is true
Don’t come near
You will regret this day
Let me go
What is destroyed can return

I will come back for you

Now the time has come
I will make you pay
You will know my pain
Die in flames like me
Couldn’t you’ve left me alone ?

Now you see
What i said was true
Run you fools
There is no place to go
Burn in your hell
I was destroyed but i returned
I have come back for you

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